Someone stole the outdoor heaters from Hamilton’s Electric Diner

Amid a flurry of closure and restrictions, it’s a tough time for Hamilton’s restaurants.

Some local spots have found ways of adapting by offering outdoor patio dining in spite of the winter weather. Open-sided tents, fire pits, and space heaters have become a primary focus for food spots that have the resources to operate in these less-than-ideal ways.

One of those restaurants is Electric Diner: a Hess Street staple serving playful, elevated takes on diner classics like breakfast plates, burgers, short stacks, mac ‘n cheese, and much more.

Electric Diner has been successfully operating an outdoor covered patio using crucial outdoor heaters to stave off the winter chill; however, an infuriating incident has set the restaurant back.

Last night, a person (or persons) yet to be identified stole all four Electric Diner’s heaters, robbing the restaurant of some seriously expensive equipment during these already challenging times.

“It was the only tool helping us stay open and keep our staff income up to par,” wrote Electric Diner in a post on social media. “We can’t replace these heaters – we already used what we could to invest in this tent. We tried to fight through this round, and we feel like we just got sucker punched.”

The local community has already been rising up to support Electric Diner, including Andiamo: a café and barbershop that opened nearby in Hess Village just a handful of months ago.

Andiamo has launched a GoFundMe to help Electric Diner raise the money to replace the extremely expensive outdoor heaters and get back to business. The currently goal is $12,000 and support is already pouring in.

Those who want to donate can access the GoFundMe here.

Lead image courtesy of @electricdinerhamont

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