Hamilton Public Library now lends out CO2 monitors

The Hamilton Public Library (HPL) has added something new to its list of lendable items, and it’s a tool that may prove very useful in the age of COVID-19.

The HPL has announced that they are now offering portable CO2 monitors for temporary loan; devices that help accurately measure the air quality in an indoor space.

CO2 monitors have been cited as a key tool for health & safety when it comes to COVID-19 and other airborne viruses. When using a CO2 monitor, an individual can get a rapid, accurate reading of the air quality in a given space, which indicates how good or poor the ventilation is.

Since COVID-19 is an airborne pathogen that can more easily spread in stagnant, stale air, a CO2 monitor is a great way to assess the risk level of a space and make an informed decision about things like masking, duration of a stay, or whether it’s safe to stay at all.

The HPL currently has 15 CO2 monitors to loan out and they were readily snatched up by library members, with a growing waitlist.

Library members can place a hold on one of these CO2 monitors via the HPL website.

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