Lots of changes in Hamilton’s coffee scene this week

There was quite a lot of activity in Hamilton’s coffee scene recently — far more than we typically see in a week.

We started the week off with news that Cafe Mondo is closing after only a single month of operation. Running a coffeeshop wasn’t panning out the way the owners had dreamed of and were quick to close up in pursuit of a better fit for them.

The following day, Joanne Emberson  — co-owner and main pastry chef of Crumbuns Bakeshop Cafe — announced that she’ll be resigning from her shop.

Crumbuns WILL continue to operate but it’s unclear who will take over the baked goods. Emberson’s desserts were truly spectacular and resulted in us being loyal to the cafe over the past year. We can only hope that her delicious recipes will be properly passed on.

To all the sweet Crumbun followers, It is bittersweet for me to inform you that I have resigned from Crumbuns Bakeshop Cafe . I want to thank you immensely for all the wonderful support over the past year . It has been , without a doubt , an incredible adventure. I am grateful to have been part of such a loving and supportive community . As most of you know , I'm passionate about giving back. I cannot put into words how great it has been to witness the kindness within the community. The amount of support shown towards the Carter's Buttons and Nate's Candy Cookie is overwhelming . I appreciate and value the warmth, genuine compliments, and friendships that have developed this year. Always remember that the secret ingredient to life is love. It always makes it sweeter . Sending you all my love , and hope you stay tuned for my future endeavours 💜Joanne

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Balancing these losses, two new coffeeshops just launched and enjoyed their first full week of operation.

Emerald Coffee Co was originally set to launch late February but the fire inspector wouldn’t allow a pass with the original tin ceiling.

So, the whole ceiling had to come down and be replaced, delaying the launch by a month. Fortunately, the owner found a replacement ceiling that looks almost identical to the tin that was up prior.

The cafe is really stunning and worth checking out.

Emerald Coffee Co. is now open!

This gorgeous new cafe on Barton Street just opened!REVIEW:

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But that wasn’t the only cafe that opened recently! The funky new Bohemian Palace welcomed guests days after Emerald Coffee Co opened and offers a very laid back, eclectic atmosphere.

Very hippie and psychedelic inspired, the colours, patterns and decorations make for a very fun-feeling cafe.

If you’re wondering about the fate of The Flat White Coffeehouse on Ottawa Street N, our readers have informed us that due to complications with the fire inspector, plans for the cafe have been scraped.

Know of any other coffee news? Please be sure to comment below!

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