Henry Brown’s Ice Cream is closing

After three incredible years inside Hamilton’s Farmers’ Market, Henry Brown’s has announced they’ll be shutting down.

Henry Brown’s is one of our favourite places in Hamilton to grab some ice cream. The shop has always been known for its bold, imaginative flavours as well as their use of high quality, natural ingredients.

They use local ingredients whenever possible, and their ice creams contain no gums, gelatin, artificial emulsifiers, stabilizers, additives or texturizers. Each and every ingredient found in Henry Brown’s ice cream could be purchased at your local market or found in your own kitchen.

Henry Brown’s is a single-person operation, owned and operated by the incredibly kind and generous Karen. Running a business by herself, Karen’s list of day-to-day tasks stretch outside of shop hours to include production hours, ordering and picking up supplies, keeping the space clean, and staying on top of social media.

Despite being a bona fide powerhouse, the personal and financial struggle that comes with having a small business grew to be too much. Karen’s decision to close shop wasn’t an easy one — the love she has for her work and customers is stronger than we’ll ever know.

Henry Brown’s will be open on Saturdays now through December. Be sure to stop by, get some ice cream and congratulate Karen on all of her success.

What will you miss about Henry Brown’s? Which other Hamilton establishments do you wish were still open? Let us know in the comments.

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