Two Black Sheep is closing

This has been a tough year for Hamilton’s foodies; some the city’s favourite tried and true restaurants have shut their doors in 2018. We wish we could start November off on a better note, but we have some terrible restaurant and bar news: Two Black Sheep is closing this month.

Two Black Sheep took to Instagram to announce their closing, citing that it’s simply time to retire. After five incredible years in business, the owners decided to pass the torch on to someone new and make their way to sunny Florida.

Two Black Sheep offers Hamiltonians a different kind of bar experience – there’s a level of class mixed with a relaxed friendliness that you can’t find anywhere else in the city. Instead of typical bar fare, Two Black Sheep offers lighter and more sophisticated options such as oysters, charcuterie, cheeses, pickled vegetables and crisps.

Instead of offering draft beer, Two Black Sheep always has a great variety of foreign and local beers in bottles.

If you love a good cocktail, Two Black Sheep make some of the best in the city – their cocktails range from classics to options out of the ordinary. We’ll always remember how this bar made sure everyone stepped outside their comfort zone.

The bar’s last day open will be Saturday, November 24. They want their customers to not only come down and say their goodbyes but to really celebrate Two Black Sheep’s legacy the best way possible – shuck a couple oysters, grab a cocktail and have a good time.

What’ll you miss most about the bar? Were you surprised to hear that they’re closing? Let us know in the comments.

Comments (2)

  1. Kat Serediuk

    Hey, I think this posting is a bit misinformed. It seems from two black sheep’s posting that they are taking this as an opportunity to rebrand and reinvent the space. Just don’t want people to think that the other bird company is abandoning this space when it appears that they are not!

  2. Bob Barker

    I agree with Kat, I think the Florida thing is just a metaphor, they are not actually moving to the States, and they are not actually abandoning the space on John St., just re-developing.