Three popular Hamilton restaurants closing this month

It’s been a sad week for the Hamilton food scene as three of the city’s popular restaurants will close this month.

In the span of seven days, Hamilton was made aware that Rapscallion Rogue Eatery, Rust City Brewery and FSH & CHP would not continue into February.

On January fourth, Rapscallion Rogue Eatery shared over Instagram that they will be closing their John and Young Street location.

Open for nearly seven years, Rapscallion brought the idea of weird and delicious to Hamilton. Their menu introduced a wide assortment of cuts and ingredients that most people would’ve never heard of, let alone try, if it wasn’t for this restaurant. Rapscallion taught local foodies to try something new and put trust in a chef’s work.

This story does have a silver lining, however, as the Rapscallion team has plans to reopen at a new location somewhere “this year”. The timeline for the new location has not been made public as of yet but their goal is to find a less-cramped space to flourish and allow more guests to experience their menu.

The second restaurant closure was Rust City Brewery who completely vanished from not only their location but from all online presence as well. Their social media, website, even email were all deleted without warning.

We stopped by the location last Wednesday where their Landlord was on site to confirm that Rust City had vacated the premises shortly after New Year’s.

While the owners were not available for immediate comment, we do know based on previous conversations that they had ongoing disputes with the Landlord as well as a years-long battle with the city of Hamilton regarding zoning the site for micro-brewing.

This café-meets-brewery was known for their cozy atmosphere, incredible snacks, and weekly events. All of their products were made in-house with locally sourced ingredients, and their coffee was always roasted onsite with fair-trade, organic beans. Whether you were visiting for a pint or a cappuccino, Rust City Brewery always delivered with excellent flavour and impeccable service. Hopefully we’ll see the concept reincarnated elsewhere.

The third and final restaurant to say goodbye was FSH & CHP.

FSH & CHP was a game changer in Hamilton’s seafood scene. They elevated restaurant goers’ expectations and brought in unexpectedly delicious flavour profiles. The restaurant was best known for their traditional fish and chips, but patrons also had rave reviews for their tacos, seafood macaroni and cheese, and battered halloumi.

The restaurant’s closure came as a surprise, but there is good news tied to it. Closing FSH & CHP was done to make space for a bigger, better HAMBRGR King William who neighbours the space. We’ve been informed that FSH & CHP will eventually reopen, but there’s been no word as to where or when.

Since it’s HAMBRGR’s plan to occupy both spaces, this necessitates the temporary closure of the burger joint as they renovate and combine the two units.

Will you miss these Hamilton restaurants? What are your favourite places to eat? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Greg Schweitzer

    Absolutely heartbroken about Rust! That place has incredible coffees, amazing and unique eats a sincerely comfortable atmosphere and some hefty local presence. I truly hope they get on top of a new location and expand.

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