4 cafes to make your new study spot

Tired of studying for your exams in your room or at the library? Hamilton has a great selection of cafes with unique atmospheres (and great coffee) to study in! Here are four of my most recommended cafes to study in this exam season.

Cannon Coffee

Good for: those who prefer livelier atmospheres

Located on the corner of Ottawa St. N & Cannon Street sits Cannon Coffee where you will find great drinks, waffles, and baked goods. Being a corner unit means that a brilliant amount of light enters the cafe during all times of the day creating an atmosphere that’s warm and homey.

Cannon Coffee is definitely a spot for those who enjoy a busy environment and being around a lot of people while they work. On the weekends, many people are there for brunch but who says you can’t go on a brunch study date?


Good for: comfortable seating

Synonym’s mission is to “celebrate art, design, and culture”. The cafe’s design (beautiful white and wooden finishes, painted brick walls and natural lighting) provides a great atmosphere to study and work in. Need a break from studying? Synonym offers a collection of unique books for you to browse for free! The owners are very friendly and passionate about what their cafe stands for. With plenty of seats available, Synonym cafe is definitely a great place to check out!

Cherry Birch General

Good for: quiet ambiance

Located in King Street’s International Village, Cherry Birch is a very peaceful studying space that offers great coffee, baked goods, and strong lighting. While the space doesn’t have as much seating as other spots, there is a big table right at the front that makes for a great group study spot.

Along with a great space to work in, there are lots of pantry goods to be picked up from chocolates to maple syrup to candy. The owner always lets her Instagram followers know what delicious baked goods will be available and when!

Redchurch Cafe + Gallery

Good for: large groups

Located in Gore Park, you’ll find the gem known as Redchurch — a hip place that has espresso, teas, fresh juices, baked goods, and light meals served up by friendly baristas! There are great seating options available by the window, around the cafe, or on the comfy couches in the back. There’s even a large community table so getting a seat usually isn’t a concern, though the place does get busy around lunch time. They recently extended their hours making it even more accessible!

A walk through Gore Park or a visit to the attached art gallery makes for a great study break!

What are your favourite cafes to study in? Let us know in the comments below!

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