New Hamilton cookie dough shop is Instagram ready

There’s no shortage of the things people will do for that perfect picture to post online and for one particular cookie dough shop, creating a photo-ready space is core to the entire concept. The duo behind For Real Dough will be opening their shop this month at 256 King Street W with an aim to be “the most Instagramable shop in Hamilton”. It’s a bit of a cross between a travelling museum, a pop-up, and Happy Place in Toronto.

The whole concept came about for a desire to create a space that takes you back to being a kid, and few things are more central to childhood than munching on cookie dough. But the owners are looking to be more than a place that sells delicious treats — they’re creating a space where every corner of their shop is photo worthy. Unique walls with text on them, custom lighting fixtures, and fun props throughout; even the ceiling will be covered in clouds!

They’ll also have feature displays that change regularly including a bathtub full of coloured plastic balls, a telephone booth, and a two-person chair swing suspended from the ceiling. “By switching out the pieces, it protects us from being boring,” says one of the owners.


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For Real Dough will also have a doggie day where dogs are allowed in and fed dog-friendly cookie dough. Ultimately, the shop’s intention is to create happy, memorable experiences that are different every time you step in.

The shop hasn’t even opened yet and it’s clear how important being social media focused is for this group. They are taking a very 21st century approach to their marketing and it’s already generated a lot of hype and a strong following online.

For Real Dough is planning to have its soft opening late May and when it’s up, you can be sure that it’ll be unlike anything else in Hamilton.

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