HEAL on Concession is Hamilton’s new nutrition spot

Having worked as the international spokesmodel for two large sports nutrition companies, Jay Zuccato knows a thing or two when it comes to health and wellness. After Zuccato saw the ingredients in his dog’s pet food, he was determined to create new and improved all-natural options.

He and his partner Jesse Davidson got to work on creating the K9INE brand of dog treats which began selling fast. Soon after, the duo started Bodhi Nutrition and began creating protein powders for people and the notion of selling both product lines in the same shop seemed like a natural next step.

Their efforts culminated last month when HEAL opened it’s doors to the public offering delicious smoothie bowls, cafe menu items, and a variety of health-oriented products that infuse the nutritional products they offer. “It’s a nutrition and wellness centre for both you and your dog,” says Zuccato.

When asked why locate on Concession Street, the owners explained that they were Hamilton-born and wanted to keep the business within the city’s borders. The proximity to the mountain brow brings a lot of dog walkers out to the area and situating a dog-friendly establishment near that made a lot of sense.

While the store is dog-friendly, HEAL is not technically a dog cafe since dogs are not allowed to enter inside through the front entrance. However, if you turn the corner at East 23rd Street, the rear of the business has been converted into a dog lounge, with a patio and mini off-leash park.

Now that the owners have got their footing, they’re updating their product lines to be in plastic-free containers with all products being reformulated as plant-based only.

In addition, Heal will also soon be offering all-vegan and gluten-free dessert options on their menu including cakes and plant protein donuts.

While HEAL is currently open to the public now, they will be holding a grand opening on Saturday, July 13th.

Be sure to stop by with your dog or a friend and enjoy a healthy meal!

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