The Burnt Tongue opens their third location in Westdale today

One of Hamilton’s most beloved local restaurants is expanding in a big way!

This morning, Monday August 19th, is The Burnt Tongue‘s public opening for their third location in Hamilton.

The eatery – best known for their homemade style soups and sandwiches – has not only increased their number of locations, but also expanded their number of partners to five. Co-founders Leo Tsangarakis and Danny Robinson will be joined by long-standing staff Mike Leon, Natasha Sokolowski, and John McManus going forward.

“We’ve [taken this on] as far as we could just the two of us but we’ve formed new partnerships to grow this business even further,” says Tsangarakis.

Coupled with grand prize winnings from the FirstOntario 1Awards last year, the decision to grow into the Westdale neighourhood was an easy one to make.


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So what can you expect at this new spot? Well for starters, this Westdale location will serve as the restaurant’s commissary kitchen, or head kitchen. Soup cooking for all locations will be conducted under this one roof while burgers, sandwiches, and fries will continue being made on-site at each location.

“All of our soups and recipes batches will be done here,” says Tsangarakis. Elaborating further, “Our head chef Dan wanted to have the utmost creative control with his menus. He was having a tough time doing it between two locations so this is basically a consistency play, while still maintaining freshness.”

Limiting seating to only 6 stools, the new location will be a ‘grab and go’ style focused primarily on soups, salads, and sandwiches. You’ll have to visit either Cannon St or Locke St for their delicious burgers.

“I want people to think of the new location like a micro-soupery where small batch soups are made. The front that’s open to the public is essentially our soup shop,” Tsangarakis illustrates.

Food delivery lovers will be happy to know that Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes, and DoorDash will now be available for this location exclusively. By being able to offer six fixed soups on the menu and four rotating soups, it makes online ordering in Westdale much easier than at the other spots where the soups change daily.

The team behind The Burnt Tongue has a lot to be proud of and their proximity to McMaster University will undoubtedly bring their flavours to thousands of new Hamiltonians.

“The Burnt Tongue has always been about the people so the menu always changes based on what people buy and don’t buy — we’re not taste makers in the sense where you must like this because it’s on trend right now,” Tsangarakis says. “We’re an everyday choice for everyday people.”

The new Burnt Tongue location opens at 11:30 am and can be found at 1019 King St W, Hamilton.

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