Tim Hortons’ messed up smile cookies are back

Now that we’ve hit mid-September, Canada’s favourite time of year is back. We’ve not talking Thanksgiving or Halloween, but rather the time of year Canadians post photos of their screwed up Tim Hortons smile cookies online.

This year’s Smile Cookie campaign is currently underway and runs until September 22nd. The cookies cost $1 and your full dollar goes toward raising money for 500 local charities, hospitals, and community programs across Canada.

Given that the icing faces are added by hand, human error has led to creating some of the most wonky smile cookies the Internet has come to love.

Some include missing features.

While other have fused features.

Or gained an extra eyeball.

The cookies are iced by volunteers, so it shouldn’t be a surprise why not every cookie looks as perfect as they do in the ads.

But it doesn’t really excuse some of the massive screw ups like this Joker-looking cookie.

Or this mutant.

The fundraising campaign’s motto is “get a smile, give a smile” and it seems to be the messed up cookies that are doing the best job of putting a grin on people’s faces.

For more hilarious smile cookies, follow the hashtag #IDGAFcookie on Twitter.

Lead photo by Mike Saratsiotis

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