Vegan eatery Rise Above is opening a sister pizza joint on James North

“Is pizza a vegetable?”

If you’ve ever wished the answer to that question was Yes, then I have great news for you: a new vegan, plant-based pizza & wings joint will soon serve up slices on James Street North.

The ever-popular St. Catharines-based vegan eatery Rise Above, known for ridiculously delicious meat & dairy-free comfort food that could convert the most committed carnivore, is opening a spin-off pizzeria right here in Hamilton, taking over the space most recently occupied by the dearly missed but decidedly un-vegan Knead Pizza.

Early rumblings from Rise Above Pizzeria’s own Instagram feed promise a fully licensed establishment (complete with pinball and arcade games, because why not?) that will offer options for dine-in, take-out, and delivery.

Hamilton foodies got their first taste of what to expect at the pizzeria with a soft launch and sneak peek of the forthcoming menu during Supercrawl this past weekend, with curious festival-goers selling the shop out quickly on each day of the festival. On offer was delectable vegan pepperoni pizza by the slice, as well as orders of wings made from seitan, a vegan chicken substitute made of broth-boiled wheat that tastes remarkably like the real deal (and that Rise Above has perfected in numerous dishes at its St. Catharines restaurant).

While a full menu and official opening date hasn’t been set yet, it’s safe to say that local anticipation for the new pizza place is high after a wildly popular Supercrawl preview in a culture currently seeing a rapid rise of veganism motivated by ethical, nutritional, and environmental concerns.

Rise Above Pizzeria promises the delicious indulgence of your Friday-night favourites made with plant-based ingredients that are good for you, good for the the animal population, and good for the planet. What’s not to love?

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