Hotti Biscotti is moving from James North to the Farmers’ Market

A James North sweet-tooth staple is making some major changes this month.

Hotti Biscotti, a downtown favourite known for their delicious homemade biscotti and other sweet treats, will be closing down their storefront on James North and moving operations to the Hamilton Farmers’ Market.

In speaking with Debby Stroud, owner of Hotti Biscotti, she explains that the move is prompted by what she sees as shift on the James North strip that’s pushing it further into being a nightlife destination.

“The community is amazing, but it’s turning into to more of a restaurant area and a place people visit at nighttime,” she says, adding that she’ll miss the unique energy of James North; not to mention her habit of eagerly spoiling dogs by feeding them pieces of biscotti when they pass by.

So, the eye-catching pink storefront will be closing on March 23rd, with a move just a few blocks away into a stall at the Hamilton Farmers’ Market shortly after. A soft launch date for the new location is set for April 2nd.

The change will certainly be a bit of an adjustment for Hotti Biscotti, who will have to condense their 1000 square feet of operations into a much more compact 400 square foot space.

“It’s going to be a fun switch,” says Stroud.

Hotti Biscotti has also scored a prime patch of Market real estate, settling down in the very first right-hand stall when entering the Market through the sliding doors coming in from Jackson Square; a location that will no doubt tempt mall patrons with the wafting smells of  biscotti goodness being baked fresh on site.

The soft launch of Hotti Biscotti’s new location will be a bit of a celebration, with the Farmers’ Market stall offering free samples of biscotti and other treats, as well as some fun games and prizes for passersby.

Best of all, with the new location will come some new changes to Hotti Biscotti’s offerings, including an expansion of their vegan and gluten-free options.

Check out the new Hotti Biscotti in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market beginning April 2nd.

Lead image courtesy of @hottibiscotti

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