Tucker’s Marketplace is permanently closing its doors

Another casualty of the COVID-19 era, the classic market-style buffet restaurant Tucker’s Marketplace has announced that it is permanently closing all of its locations; including the one on South Service Road in Burlington.

A decades-old restaurant staple with other locations in Ontario including Ottawa and Mississauga, Tucker’s Marketplace was a prime special occasion spot for many family gatherings.

Featuring food stations like a salad bar and roast beef carvery, a wide variety of freshly-prepared buffet options served in a casual setting made Tucker’s stand out.

However, despite the restaurant’s enduring popularity, a buffet-style dining model is definitely not the most conducive to the current realities of physical distancing and the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Tucker’s Marketplace had originally announced plans to temporarily shutter all locations until progress had been made in terms of society’s management of the novel coronavirus, a new update on their website has said that those doors will instead remain permanently closed.

“Unfortunately, it seems the undeniable reality is that COVID-19 will be with us for some time. And we anticipate therefore, that upon reopening and for the foreseeable future, restaurants will be required to operate with capacity restrictions and to maintain physical distancing,” reads a statement from Tucker’s Marketplace.

“Most concerning of all, we expect that customers will be reluctant to return to restaurants or to frequent restaurants as often as they once did, until a meaningful treatment or a vaccine for COVID-19 is found. We have concluded therefore, that there is not a profitable path forward for our business. And so, sadly, we are writing to tell you that we will not be reopening our restaurants.”

The closure, while sad, also makes sense; even as the province begins gradually reopening and restaurants are able to resume operations under strictly adjusted models, a buffet-style restaurant like Tucker’s Marketplace simply doesn’t allow for a proper level of safety for patrons or staff.

Read the full statement here.

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