A new hidden ice cream shop has opened near James North

Sneaky sneaky! Just in time for the summer heat, a new Hamilton ice cream shop has quietly opened its bright yellow door at its inconspicuous setting just off of James Street North.

This new ice cream spot, called Creamy Atlas, opened with little fanfare just a few days ago at 10 Mulberry Street, directly beside the city’s famous Mulberry Street Coffeehouse; and if you didn’t know it was there, you’d probably miss it altogether.

Creamy Atlas is tucked away inside of what looks like just a regular old house on Mulberry Street. In fact, one of the only signifiers that there’s an ice cream shop just through the house’s front door is a sandwich board out on the sidewalk advertising Hewitt’s Ice Cream.

But this brand new hidden gem already has a stacked menu of available flavours, from classics like vanilla or chocolate to more adventurous offerings like bubble gum, cookies & cream, or goat milk blueberry.

Prices are incredibly reasonable too, with a single scoop at $3.00, double scoop at $4.00, or a gargantuan triple scoop at $5.00 for the truest ice cream lovers.

With a blazing hot weekend forecasted, there’s no better time to head down to Mulberry Street, find that yellow door, and grab something sweet!

Creamy Atlas is open now at 10 Mulberry Street, just off of James Street North. Check out their Instagram for more information.

Lead image courtesy of @lendemocratic

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