Perogie Bar is moving from James North to Dundas

A new Hamilton restaurant is trading its current downtown spot for new digs out in Dundas after a short stint on James North.

That would be Perogie Bar, a recently-opened restaurant with an intimate, chic setting near the corner of James North and Rebecca Street that deals primarily in – you guessed it – pierogis.

Sporting a menu that feature pierogi dishes of various savoury and sweet varieties such as teriyaki stir fry, bacon & cheese, and lavender-blueberry, Perogie Bar opened in Hamilton just this past January and quickly developed a solid following for its eclectic, Euro-style bites.

However, the ownership of Perogie Bar has now set its sights on what they believe to be a more suitable location, and will be closing the doors of its James North restaurant to open instead in Downtown Dundas at 72 King Street East.

But not to worry; the restaurant has said it will continue to take orders for takeaway on Fridays and Sundays between 6 pm and 10 pm while in the middle of this transition, so Hamilton foodies can continue to get their Perogie Bar fix as the restaurant gradually relocates.

After that, go show Perogie Bar some love as they settle into their brand new Dundas location at 72 King Street East!

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