Bad & Boujee lounge has reopened with a beautiful side patio that you have to see in person

Bad & Boujee, one of Hamilton’s newest bars and lounges, had barely started up at its 93 John Street South location before COVID-19 shutdowns happened.

Now, with the local economy slowly reopening and some restrictions beginning to relax for Hamilton’s restaurants and bars, Bad & Boujee has taken the opportunity to open a beautiful, intimate alleyway patio and welcome visitors back for a playful cocktail and bar bites in a safer outdoor setting.

According to Bad & Boujee’s owner, Ken Saburn, an outdoor patio came out of financial necessity and was otherwise never really in the lounge’s plans.

“We had never planned on having a patio, we had to open one out of sheer survival,” says Saburn. “However, we’ve made the decision not to open the dining room inside as we believe it’s the right decision to keep people safe.”

The decision to hold off on opening Bad & Boujee’s interior for a while is an admirable one. While restaurants and bars are technically allowed to reopen their dining rooms as part of Stage Three of reopening, many Hamilton spots are holding off until the health & safety implications of doing so are clearer.

Besides, for Saburn, the do-or-die decision to open a patio ended up being a happy one for Bad & Boujee.

“Now that we have the patio, we actually love it,” he explains. “I hope the city will allow us to do one next year as well.”

What can locals expect out of Bad & Boujee’s new patio? Besides a lovely outdoor slice of the city with hanging string lights and distanced tables, the lounge is also offering an ever-changing menu of signature, playful dishes and cocktails.

Crocodile sushi rolls, kangaroo sliders, and snacking boards served with homemade mozzarella and a variety of meats from wild boar to venison are just a handful of the delicious options on offer.

An eccentric selection of cocktails is also available for your sipping pleasure, including a notable watermelon cocktail that is literally served in a hollowed half of a watermelon as the vessel.

While Saburn says the immediate community response to Bad & Boujee’s new patio has been on the timid, tentative side, he’s also quick to say that Hamilton’s restaurants & bars all need to put in the work and enforce proper health & safety regulations to make their spaces as safe as possible amid the ongoing risks of the pandemic.

“Restaurants in Hamilton need to continue to do a great job managing capacity, social distancing and to make the right judgement calls to help people feel safe again,” he says.

“We are here when people are ready.”

Images courtesy of Bad & Boujee

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