541 Eatery & Exchange has reopened for takeout

A beloved Barton Street café, eatery, and community space has announced that it is reopening its doors for takeout after staying almost completely shuttered for months amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

541 Eatery & Exchange, located in Barton Village, has cemented itself as a non-profit community staple with a menu of simple and affordably-priced breakfast and lunch dishes, baked goods, coffee, and more.

What makes 541 especially unique and vital, however, is their use of a pay-it-forward button system that helps feed locals in need. When visitors pay for their food, they can also buy buttons for one dollar each that then go into a jar and can be redeemed at any time by those who may need help paying for their meal.

Though the eatery’s doors have been closed from the public for the last few months, they’ve still been feeding the community by offering free bagged lunches daily to those in need; a particularly beautiful initiative given the intensified hardships for many during this unprecedented time.

But now, 541 Eatery & Exchange has reopened for takeaway only for locals to get their lunch and coffee fix!

Naturally, the usual COVID-19 measures are in effect: anyone entering the space must be wearing a mask, and physical distancing must be maintained.

And of course, if you’re able, you can help full up that pay-it-forward button jar to help feed the rest of the community as well! In fact, 541 has even set up an online system to buy buttons through their website if you’d like to do it remotely.

541 Eatery & Exchange is open at 541 Barton Street East from Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 2 pm. Check out their social media for more details.

Lead image courtesy of @541barton

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