Here are 6 Hamilton craft beer releases to get excited about for fall

With each of the changing seasons also comes seasonal craft beer releases, with fall not only bringing new beer, but also some distinct autumnal flavours. 

Hamilton is lucky to have a lot of high quality independent breweries in the area. Here is a short list of some of the best fall beers from Hamilton-area breweries.

Fonso by Fairweather Brewing Company

Released in early September, the spiced sour tones with Alphonso mango, cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla, and lactose makes it an original flavour for hoodie weather. Described as “juuuuuiiicy” on the Fairweather Instagram, they also say that they hope this new beer will bring a ray of sunshine to these dark times.

Good Neighbour Pale Ale by Grain & Grit Small Batch Beer 

Apparently there’s Sasquatch in this beer, but I think they mean Sasquatch hops (along with Cascade hops). Subtle flavours of late summer fruit such as strawberries and honeydew are followed by a dry, floral, and bitter finish. This beer is proudly made from Canadian grown malts and hops.

Oktobershed by Shawn & Ed Brewing Co.

Oktoberfest has been around for centuries and Shawn & Ed Brewing brings a lot of those traditional flavours to their fall beer release. Oktobershed is smooth with a round flavour showing a beautiful malt taste. Made with German malts and balanced by hops, it brings Oktoberfest to the city. 

Fruition Fruited Sour by Clifford Brewing Company

According to the Clifford Brewing Instagram page, this new fall beer will give you “those warm, autumn feels.” With notes of sour peach and apricot, this tart beer is bright, refreshing, and fittingly released on the first day of fall.

Zap! w/ Blackcurrant and Guava by Nickel Brook Brewing Co.

Although this might be more of a Burlington establishment, Nickelbrook is definitely close enough to Hamilton to be included on this list. This new version of Zap! apparently adds “more Zip to your Zap!” A mix of bright and fresh citrus flavours meeting notes of tropical and wildflower taste means this beer is mixing a little of the summer with fall.

Wet Hop 2020 by Collective Arts Brewing

This famous Hamilton brewer brings the freshest flavours from the harvest with its locally sourced hops. Wet Hop 2020 is a mix of a pilsner and pale wheat that makes it smooth and almost straw-like in colour. The Ontario hops also adds some Juicy Fruit and mango notes.

Lead image courtesy of @lagershed

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