Restaurant review | Hangry Chicken

Feeling hangry? A new fast-casual Portuguese spot in Stoney Creek might have just what you’re looking for, and let me tell you: their food is pretty flocking good.

Hangry Chicken, which just opened a new location at 1374 South Service Road in Stoney Creek as a follow-up to their popular original spot in Burlington, specializes in Portuguese-style Piri Piri chicken, and they set themselves apart with a commitment to locally-sourced ingredients; including, and most importantly, the use of Ontario-raised, grain-fed chicken from Deboer’s Farm.

After tasting numerous dishes off of Hangry Chicken’s varied menu, I can safely say that the extra commitment to quality has definitely paid off.

While not really a traditional or purely authentic take on Portuguese chicken by the restaurant’s own admission, Hangry Chicken’s menu certainly honours the flavours one would expect out of a Piri Piri dish, delivered through twisty culinary takes and fusion fare.

A prime example is the restaurant’s Piri Piri Tacos, which burst with colour just as much as they do with flavour. Consisting of pulled Piri Piri chicken on flour taco shells with a creamy house slaw, pickled red onions, lemon crema, and an assortment of herbs, this trio of tacos has got a sturdy balance of spice and bright citrus tang.

Another notable menu item is the restaurant’s Piri Piri take on the Southern-style fried chicken sandwich. Called the Piri Piri Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich, this large handheld features a generous slab of buttermilk breaded chicken drenched in a Piri Piri hot honey sauce that manages a harmonious balance of spicy heat and honey sweetness. Served on a large Portuguese bun and topped with pickles, arugula, and ranch for good measure, this one didn’t disappoint.

Looking for something a little more traditional? Hangry Chicken’s got that covered too with their classic Quarter Chicken dish. For just under $12, expect a sizeable serving of that delicious chicken accompanied by heaping portions of two chosen sides.

I had the roasted potatoes with sweet paprika, oregano, and garlic; and a rice pilaf with bits of carrot and onion as well as garlic, paprika, and Piri Piri sauce. Both sides are smartly and judiciously seasoned, flavourful and satisfying while letting the chicken be the rightful star of the show.

If you still have room for dessert after one of Hangry Chicken’s massive meals, they’ve also got some delicious Portuguese tarts on offer as a perfect custard-filled closer. With a crisp and flaky pastry on the outside and creamy custard on the inside, these tarts are immensely satisfying and surprisingly light. A classic original tart is always a sure bet, but the restaurant also has caramel and Nutella variants that are pretty hard to resist.

Don’t let Hangry Chicken’s fast-casual counter service setting throw you off: this place pays legitimate attention to offering high quality, made-to-order dishes that don’t skimp on portions or on flavour. As places for Piri Piri chicken go in Hamilton, this one is well worth your taste buds’ attention.

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