Duke’s Pub Pasta & Pizzeria opens its doors in Hamilton

Craving some carb-loaded comfort food? At long last, the sister restaurant to Hamilton pub One Duke has opened its doors on Barton Street for takeout only and is ready to serve up something a little different.

The new restaurant is called Duke’s Pub Pasta & Pizzeria and it may seem that much of what the menu offers is evident in the name alone.

But let’s not judge a book by its cover: what Duke’s Pub Pasta and Pizzeria specializes in is twisty takes on those classic Italian dishes, now turned into inventive fusion creations that seek to turn standard pastas and pizzas into unique hybrid dishes.

Some examples from their stacked menu include the Cauliflower Taco Pizza, with toppings like deep fried cauliflower and mango salsa alfredo sauce; the Charcuterie Board Pizza, which promises all of the flavours of a good meat & cheese board; and the Nacho Pasta, which looks like everything you love about a plate of pasta and a platter of nachos all mashed into one delectable dish.

Intrigued? Well, though Duke’s Pub Pasta & Pizzeria hasn’t quite opened the dining room of their 303 Barton Street East location yet, the restaurant is now open for takeout so you can get your first tastes right at home!

Follow Duke’s Pub Pasta & Pizzeria on social media for the full menu and details on how to place an order!

Lead image courtesy of @thedukes303

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