Golf bar Fore Stagione celebrates one year in Hamilton

Hamilton’s first independent indoor golf simulator and pizzeria just celebrated a special milestone.

Fore Stagione, located by the corner of Stone Church and Upper Ottawa on the Hamilton Mountain, is celebrating its first birthday as a unique local spot catering to both food lovers and golf lovers alike.

With a full menu of Italian-inspired pizzas, salads, craft beer, and handmade cocktails, this unique blend of a sports bar and modern eatery features two indoor golf simulators, allowing avid golfers to practice their putt or drill their drive year-round while sipping on a drink and noshing some ‘za.

On top of its pride in offering a novel entertainment experience for local food lovers and golfers from beginner to pro, Fore Stagione is also proud to be a family-owned Hamilton business.

“We are a close-knit group that have each other’s backs and support everyone’s ideas,” says owner and operator Anthony Sabatino. “We all share a passion for food, hosting, entertaining, making people happy – and oh yeah – we love to eat, drink, and golf!”

That passion certainly comes through at Fore Stagione. Even visitors who don’t feel the itch to pick up a club and play a few virtual holes have plenty to look forward to, from great food & drink, catchy music, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Like most businesses, COVID-19 has forced the bar to pivot their offerings in creative ways.

One of those ways has been adjusting to more take-out and delivery; you can browse their delicious menu through this link.

Another creative approach has been to offer golf lessons when groups are not renting the simulator. This is a terrific way to tune your skills over the winter months in preparation for the season next year.

Born of the hard work and passion of a truly Hamiltonian small business, Fore Stagione is looking forward to many more years ahead, of sipping, snacking, socializing, and golf-swinging!

For enthusiasts interested in the technology powering the golf simulators, Fore Stagione utilizes the TrackMan system which is widely considered the most realistic of all the simulators on the market.

The TrackMan reads the microwaves reflecting from a moving golf club and golf ball to determine ball speed, attack angle, club path, and face angle — it also captures the golf swing with a built-in HD video camera.

Learn more about Fore Stagione by checking out their website.

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