Stipley Kitchen & Bakehouse is opening soon in Hamilton

Soon, Hamilton’s Stipley neighbourhood will be filled with the enticing aromas of fresh baked bread and other homemade comfort foods.

That’s because local chef Damian Wills is about to open Stipley Kitchen & Bakehouse, a new Hamilton food spot that promises caringly-crafted, homestyle deliciousness; or, as Wills puts it, “the dishes I make for my family, available for yours.”

What’s going to be on the menu at Stipley Kitchen & Bakehouse, you ask? Well, details are a little scant at the moment, but Wills has been dropping some drool-worthy teases of things to come on Stipley Kitchen’s Instagram feed, and they’re all firmly rooted in the comfort food department.

Examples of what to expect include homemade sourdough bread, as well as a variety of pies with doughy, flaky crusts including a chicken hand pie with celeriac and a braised pork tourtiere.

If all of this food talk is making you hungry, don’t worry: the wait shouldn’t be too long, as Stipley Kitchen & Bakehouse is aiming to open its doors and feed the masses this December!

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Lead image courtesy of @stipleykitchen

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