The Fritter Shop is opening a location in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market

Ready that sweet-tooth, because a popular purveyor of a classic doughy dessert has announced it is bringing a location right here to Hamilton.

The Fritter Shop, with successful existing locations and retailers throughout Ontario including an original spot in St. Thomas, is known for their delectable, freshly-made, Dutch-inspired fritters with a wide variety of flavours and fillings.

Those who love a fruit-forward fritter will have plenty of options from blueberry to lemon to peach, while those looking for something even more decadent will have brownie and banana-chocolate fritters to tempt their taste buds.

Hamilton won’t have to wait too long to get their first taste either, as The Fritter Shop has just shared the news that they will be opening a stand in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market, with an official opening set for Saturday, December 5th!

Pre-orders are already being taken by email ahead of the official opening for those who just can’t wait to stake their claim to some fritter deliciousness once it finally opens its new stand in the market!

Check out The Fritter Shop on social media for updates.

Lead image courtesy of @frittershop

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