Hamilton brewery Collective Arts launches line of curated coffee beans

Is there anything Hamilton’s Collective Arts Brewing can’t do?

Not content with simply being one of the leading craft brewers in the Hamilton area, Collective Arts has since adapted its sizeable operations to include distilling spirits with a popular line of gins, and recently introduced canned cocktails as well.

Now, Collective Arts is branching out to offer a more morning-friendly sort of product with a curated line of coffee beans, so locals can have outstanding coffee right at home!

In a partnership with Hamilton’s Detour Coffee who help with sourcing and roasting the beans, Collective Arts Curated Coffee currently features two offerings: a single origin coffee, and a blend.

The first single origin offering is a light roast coffee from Ethiopia, consisting of beans sourced from smallholder farmers in Arsosala Village in Uraga, Guji. Coffee lovers can expect crackery, fruity character out of this light roast, with notes of apple, lemon, jasmine, and graham cracker.

The other current offering is a blend of light-to-medium roast beans from Brazil and Colombia, with a richer flavour profile of chocolate, toffee, and peach cobbler for coffee drinkers who want something a little bolder.

But this is just the beginning for Collective Arts Curated Coffee; they will be releasing new varietals and blends over time, so there will always be a new caffeinated adventure to explore for Hamiltonians who love a quality cup.

Check out Collective Arts’ new line of coffee on their website.

Lead image courtesy of @collectivebrew

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