New pizza place Yimee’s has opened in Hamilton

Pizza lovers of Hamilton will be excited to learn that a “sauce-ome” new joint for the cheesy Friday night staple has officially opened its doors on the Hamilton Mountain.

The spot is called Yimee’s: a family-owned independent pizzeria that has opened on Concession Street to serve up a menu of classic pies as well as chicken wings, shawarma, and falafel dishes.

Yimee’s pizzas, made with locally sourced ingredients, appear to be takes on some standard North American classics, including a straight-up cheese pizza with mozzarella and parmesan; a Hawaiian pie with ham, bacon, and pineapple; and a vegetarian pizza with a choice of toppings.

Those looking to get their shawarma on won’t be disappointed either, with Yimee’s menu of shawarma or falafel on a bun, in a plate with salad and rice, or on a large salad.

There’s even a special pizza called Yimee’s Garlic Supreme, which melds their pizza and shawarma offerings in a pie topped with white sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, pressed garlic, and shawarma chicken.

In short, there’s plenty to drool over at this brand new pizzeria, so place an order at Yimee’s and get your first taste!

Yimee’s is open at 402 Concession Street. Follow them on social media for more.

Lead image courtesy of @concessionbia

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