Stipley Kitchen & Bakehouse is delivering elevated comfort food in Hamilton

If you’re not in the mood to cook, a new Hamilton food spot and delivery service will let you have a seasoned (pun intended) chef take the reins on crafting some elevated, homestyle comfort food.

Stipley Kitchen & Bakehouse, headed by Chef Damian Wills, puts emphasis on quality local ingredients in a variety of homestyle dishes kicked up a notch by the time-honoured expertise of an industry veteran.

The current menu of “dishes I make for my family, available for yours” is tailored for the rapidly approaching holidays, available to order for pickup online to enjoy with those you can safely celebrate with at home.

The dishes, offered in family-sized serving portions, include mouth-watering options such as a 24-hour brined & slow roasted Ontario turkey; wild mushroom & potato gratin; a stuffing made with preserved lemon, pine nuts, and sourdough; and crispy brussels sprouts with smoked bacon and cider vinaigrette.

If none of that makes you drool, you must be pretty dehydrated. Drink some water, bring those salivary glands back to life, and place an order with Stipley Kitchen & Bakehouse to get that first taste!

Follow them on social media for more, and check out the full menu on their website.

Lead image courtesy of @stipleykitchen

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