A new subscription service for sustainable fresh produce is coming to Hamilton

At a time when delivery is dominating as a prime means of shopping, a new subscription service is setting up shop in Hamilton that will deliver fresh produce right to your door on a subscription basis.

The service, called FoodFund, is already established in other cities as a sustainably-minded weekly delivery service providing both organic and non-organic produce items, with subscription options that start as low as $10.

What makes FoodFund extra unique is that they make use of the produce and food products that a conventional grocery store might be quick to throw away due to physical imperfections that have no real impact on the quality and taste of the item.

The statistics are staggering. “In Canada, nearly 58 per cent of all food produced is wasted,” reads FoodFund’s website. “Grocery stores have strict cosmetic standards and anything that looks or feels a little different is rejected or dumped.”

Through FoodFund’s delivery service, Hamiltonians will soon be able to receive door-delivered produce at an affordable rate and help play a role in cutting down on the unnecessary food waste that occurs every day in the city and well beyond.

Subscriptions can be customized based on the number of home residents and the type of products the subscriber wants to receive, such as all vegetables, all fruit, or a combination.

FoodFund will officially be launching in Hamilton in the next couple of days, so check them out on social media now to stay updated and give them a try!

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