New restaurant Lucky’s BBQ is opening its doors in Hamilton

If you love all things smoked and slow-roasted, you’re in luck: a new BBQ restaurant is about to officially open its doors here in Hamilton, and the menu is already making us drool.

The restaurant, called Lucky’s BBQ, will be opening at 116 George Street this coming weekend, adding another mouth-watering option for delicious, lovingly crafted barbeque as part of the Hess Village food scene.

One of the most immediately attractive items on Lucky’s menu is their brisket, which is marinated for 24 hours in a coffee and spice rub, then wood-smoked for another 14 hours and sliced fresh to order before hitting your mouth and melting away on your palate.

But the rest of the menu is hardly a slouch, with options including house-smoked sausage, pecan wood-smoked chicken, slow-smoked pulled pork, and St. Louis ribs; all of which are served with an assortment of satisfying sides like steak cut fries, sweet pickles, and cornbread.

We won’t know until they officially open, of course, but Lucky’s BBQ already sounds poised to become one of Hamilton’s heavy-hitters for slow-smoked, Southern-style barbeque offerings.

The wait to put this place to the test won’t be too long either: the Lucky’s BBQ website says the restaurant is set to open for takeaway this coming Saturday, February 13th!

Check out their website for the full menu, and follow them on social media to stay updated.

Lead image courtesy of @luckyshamont

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