Pokeh has closed its location in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market

Amid the tumultuous time the Hamilton Farmers’ Market is going through with the pandemic, many of the market’s long-standing vendors have decided to pack it up and leave their stand behind; including some of the city’s favourite foodie spots.

One such casualty is the original location of Pokeh: the first-established poke bar not just in Hamilton, but in all of Canada.

Open since 2015, Pokeh has been crafting delicious takes on traditional Hawaiian-style sushi bowls in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market to intense popularity.

Made with a selection of raw fish, bright and flavourful sauces, a variety of vegetables, and a base of rice, Pokeh’s infamous bowls have quickly cemented themselves as a fresh and healthy lunch staple in Hamilton.

That’s why so many people passing through the Hamilton Farmers’ Market recently have been dismayed to find Pokeh’s original stand empty; a spot which routinely played host to massive lineups of locals at lunchtime.

Though the loss of this market mainstay is undoubtedly sad, it’s not all bad news: Pokeh’s more recent second location along Concession Street on the Hamilton Mountain remains open for business and is still going full force.

Still, we hope that this foodie favourite will be able to reopen a location in the lower city sometime in the future.

Check out more about Pokeh on their social media.

Lead image courtesy of @pokehbar

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