Tim Hortons ‘Roll Up the Rim’ is going fully digital this year

Tim Hortons coffee drinkers amped up for Roll Up the Rim season will have to ready their thumbs for app-opening rather than rolling, as the Canadian coffee giant has announced it will be moving the annual contest to a fully digital format.

Gone are the days of eagerly rolling up the cardboard rim after your last sip of your Double Double; instead, this year’s Roll Up the Rim contest will be in a fully app-based format.

In keeping with the changes, the contest has even changed its name to ‘Roll Up to Win,’ moving instead to a scan of a smartphone app or Tim Hortons loyalty card at the time of purchase, with customers able to log on to a website afterwards to see any prizes they’ve won.

The prize pool has also expanded a bit, with items like breakfast sandwiches and the coffee chain’s cold beverages added to the usual items like free donuts or coffees.

Additionally, larger prizes include winnings like vehicles, tech products, streaming service subscriptions, reusable mugs, and more.

There also won’t be any ‘please play again’ messages going forward; at the very least, Tim Hortons customers will receive points that they can collect and redeem for coffees and other food items at Tim Hortons locations.

Part of the motivation for the change, which Tim Hortons tested out in a partial format in 2020, is an effort to go greener and make the contest more sustainable with less single-use waste produced.

Additional health & safety concerns brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic only add to the reasons for the move to digital.

The change is sure to be a controversial one all the same, with an undoubtedly large number of Timmies lovers who will miss the tactile pleasure of rolling up the rim like the good old days.

This year’s Tim Hortons ‘Roll Up to Win’ contest runs from March 8th to April 4th.

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