A new bakery for Asian desserts has opened in Hamilton

If you’ve got a severe sweet tooth, you’re gonna want to listen up: a new Hamilton bakery has opened that specializes in unique and drool-worthy Asian desserts.

The new spot is called Le Bakery: a delivery-based bakery in Hamilton making the kinds of delectable desserts and sumptuous sweets you likely won’t find anywhere else in town.

As is evident from Le Bakery’s attractive Instagram feed, the bakery mainly deals in mochi donuts: a chewy, stretchy sort of donut made with glutinous rice flour rather than wheat flour.

The flower-shaped donuts are then finished with a variety of homemade glazes, including unique flavours such as vanilla and gold leaf, Thai tea, milk tea, and matcha with toasted brown rice.

Some more conventional (but no less enticing) flavours are also on offer like cookies and cream and strawberry glazed; but let’s be real, we’d eat any and all of what’s on the menu!

Locals who want to order from La Bakery can send a direct message through Instagram and arrange for delivery that’s $4 locally and $8 out of town.

If you’re like us and you want to try something a little out of the ordinary, check out Le Bakery and get your first tastes.

Lead image courtesy of @le_bakery

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