August 8 restaurants in Hamilton are now offering drive-in sushi

In order to continue their popular all-you-can-eat sushi service, August 8 restaurants have come up with a creative new way for locals to enjoy some of their menu items.

Hamilton’s August 8 restaurants are now providing a drive-in service where diners can get their all-you-can-eat sushi fix from the comfort of their car.

So how does it work? Patrons can pull up to an August 8 location and enter the restaurant where someone will give a QR code to each person in the vehicle. 

Then, you can use the QR code to place your order with your smartphone, and servers will bring the food to your car. Diners can scan the QR code to get as many menu offerings as they want. 

Servers collect all the waste from each round of dining and for $35.99 you can eat as much sushi as your heart desires. 

August 8 has locations on Paramount Drive in Stoney Creek, on Upper James, and on Wilson Street in the lower city.

Check out August 8’s website for more.

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