This Hamilton dessert shop is making huge macaron ice cream sandwiches

Just when you thought a classic ice cream sandwich couldn’t get more delicious, a Hamilton dessert shop has raised the bar.

Crumbled, a beloved Barton Village spot selling mouth-watering handmade cake bowls and other sweet treats, has started offering ice cream sandwiches with a twist: the ice cream is sandwiched between massive macaron cookies.

For those who don’t know, macarons are a popular French dessert consisting of two light, airy meringue-based cookies sandwiching a layer of rich and flavourful ganache.

Often at a premium retail price because of the time and technique required to make proper macarons, these Parisian cookies are highly sought for being delicious, delicate, and just plain pretty to look at.

Crumbled’s idea to create an ice cream sandwich and macaron hybrid marries two delectable desserts in a way that already has us drooling.

Even better, the dessert shop will be offering a new featured flavour each week, meaning every macaron ice cream sandwich will provide a new and exciting trip to Flavour Town.

The ice cream sandos launched last week with a Strawberries & Cream flavour, and this week’s flavour ups the decadence with Chocolate Caramel Skor.

Sounds unreal, right? Check out Crumbled at 339 Barton Street East and get your first tastes!

Images courtesy of @crumbledhamilton

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