Vegan fast food joint Odd Burger opens soon in Hamilton

Lovers of delicious fast food are going to have a brand new place to check out in Hamilton soon.

There’s a twist, though: the new joint offers only vegan and plant-based bites.

Opening on the Hamilton Mountain at 920 Upper Wentworth across from Lime Ridge Mall, the forthcoming spot, called Odd Burger, promises veganized takes on fast food favourites like Big Macs and Whoppers.

If this already sounds familiar, there’s a reason for that. The restaurant was set to open under its former name, Globally Local, before the vegan fast food chain decided to rebrand as Odd Burger prior to opening its first-ever Hamilton location.

On top of plant-based burgers, Odd Burger’s menu features breakfast sandwiches, vegan chicken offerings, salads, shakes, and beyond; all made from scratch and without a scrap of meat or dairy in sight.

With popular existing locations in Toronto, London, Waterloo, Windsor, and Vaughan, expectations are already pretty high for Odd Burger as it prepares to open in Hamilton as soon as October 27, according to the chain’s social media.

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Lead image courtesy of @oddburgerfastfood

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