A spot for authentic African food has opened on James North

Hamilton food lovers looking for something beyond the city’s oversaturation of barbecue joints and Italian eateries have a new spot in town to get excited about.

Afrolicious Restaurant, which opened recently along the James North strip, specializes in authentic dishes from African cuisines; and their menu has got a pretty wide range of offerings.

On top of a handful of breakfast dishes like Mandazi – an East African doughnut – and chapati wraps with egg, the menu is loaded with lunch and dinner offerings served with meats like beef, lamb, and goat; curry bowls and stews; rice dishes like traditional jollof rice; as well as soups, salads, and family-style sharing plates.

The restaurant is located in an unmissable large storefront at 46 James Street North, located just steps from another newer African restaurant, Taste of Lagos, which specializes in Nigerian-style dishes.

One look at Afrolicious’ social media is enough to get the mouth watering, so go check them out along James Street North and get those first tastes!

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Lead image courtesy of @afroliciousrestaurant

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