Tim Hortons in Burlington is testing zero-waste returnable packaging

As businesses both large and small look urgently for more sustainable, eco-friendly means of carrying out operations, a Canadian fast food giant is testing out reusable and returnable packaging for its products.

Tim Hortons launched the pilot project at the beginning of November at five different Burlington locations: 1220 Brant Street, 2201 Brant Street, 3485 Harvester Road, 4033 New Street, and 29 Plains Road.

Carried out in partnership with recycling company TerraCycle and their zero-waste Loop program, the initiative uses reusable food packaging designed by Tupperware that is made available to customers for a $3 deposit per item.

Deposits are refunded to Tim Hortons customers through the Loop smartphone app upon return of the packaging, which can be deposited into return bins at each of the five participating locations.

From there, the containers are fully cleaned and sanitized before they are put back into rotation and reused by the restaurant.

The pilot project will help Tim Hortons gauge what is and isn’t working about the returnable packaging system, as well as get a handle on what customers like and don’t like about the program.

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Lead image courtesy of Tupperware

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