A new bakery for fresh naan has opened in Hamilton

If you love bread – and really, who doesn’t? – a new bakery that recently opened in Hamilton is a spot you need to check out.

Maya’s Eastern Bakery, which opened in late November at 829 1/2 King Street East in the lower city, specializes in soft, flavourful tandoori naan baked fresh every single day.

Naan, an enticing-yet-simple bread found most commonly in Indian and Western Asian cuisines, is a traditional leavened flatbread that is right at home eaten with some rich and flavourful Indian dishes like tikka masala or aloo gobi.

Maya’s Eastern Bakery routinely pumps out multiple varieties and flavours of their fresh naan, including a classic naan, naan with sesame seeds, whole wheat, and a coriander naan.

There are few places in Hamilton to get freshly baked naan short of ordering from an Indian restaurant, so check out Maya’s Eastern Bakery and get your first tastes!

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Lead image courtesy of @mayas_eastern_bakery_

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