A new spot for Turkish food has opened in Hamilton

There aren’t a lot of places in Hamilton to get authentic Turkish cuisine on your plate, but a new restaurant that recently opened is hoping to fill the gap.

Donair Istanbull – which identifies itself as Hamilton’s first Turkish restaurant – is now officially open at 625 Greenhill Avenue, serving up dishes from Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines.

As the name would suggest, one of this restaurant’s signature dishes is the Donair. Though this popular handheld meal is known as a Halifax staple, its roots go much further back with origins in Turkey centuries ago.

Donair Istanbull’s take strays away from the familiar Halifax-style version, loading house-made lavash – a Turkish flatbread- with meat marinated in the restaurant’s own blend of spices.

But that’s not all; the restaurant offers plenty of other dishes, including hearty shawarma plates, fresh salads, and vegetarian options.

Those looking for a more unique food experience in Hamilton will likely find lots to explore at Donair Istanbull, so check them out at 625 Greenhill Avenue and follow them on social media here!

Lead image courtesy of @donairistanbull

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