This new Hamilton pop-up shop specializes in rare sweets and snacks

Sweet-tooths, assemble: a new pop-up shop in Hamilton is all about snacks, with a focus on treats you probably won’t find anywhere else.

The shop is called Junkies Rare Snack Express, and they specialize in rare and hard-to-find snacks of all kinds, from candy to sugary cereals to chips and popcorn and beyond.

Though your best bet for a fix is to order from Junkies via UberEats throughout the week, they’ve also got a pop-up shop open to the public at 35 Pine Street, the corner of Pine Street and Locke.

At the shop, local snackers will find a total treasure trove to drool over, with wild items like Smartfood Popcorn with Cap’n Crunch berries, ‘XXTRA’ Flamin’ Hot Doritos, Dippin’ Dots birthday cake cereal, Hershey’s Cookies ‘n Crème cakes, and Froot Loop Pop Tarts.

Gummies, Dunkaroos, and even ramen noodle cups are also on offer here, with the full lineup consisting of snacks you probably won’t find anywhere else locally.

Wanna check out Junkies? Browse their stock on UberEats, check out their Pine Street pop-up, and follow them on social media for more!

Lead image courtesy of @vocusdesign

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