A spot for delicious Nigerian suya has opened in Hamilton

Foodies, take note: a new spot for deeply flavourful African barbecue recently opened its doors in Hamilton.

The Suya Spot – first established in 2006 –  has launched its first Hamilton restaurant to build on the success of its popular existing locations in Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, North York, and Manitoba.

What is suya exactly? A dish with origins in Northern Nigeria, suya is a smoked, spiced meat skewer that is served with vegetables like onion, tomato, and cabbage and made with meats including – but not limited to – chicken, beef, or goat.

On top of a few variations of this hearty traditional dish, The Suya Spot also serves a variety of snacks and sides inspired by African cuisine like jollof rice, fried plantain, fried yams, and more.

Open now at 478 Upper Wellington Street, The Suya Spot offers the chance to find traditional African-style cuisine on the Hamilton Mountain. Check them out and get your first taste!

See more on their website.

Lead image courtesy of @thesuyaspot

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