This new Hamilton donut shop is all about Asian-inspired flavours

Hamilton is about to get an enticing new donut shop that does things a little differently.

Momoco Donuts is gearing up to open its doors and dole out desserts at 2 Catharine Street North in the heart of Hamilton’s lower city, with a focus on donuts that showcase Asian-inspired flavours.

The new donut spots already comes with some established roots underneath it, as a sister spot to Asian fusion dessert shop and bakery MySweeTooth on Main Street West.

Momoco owners Jia and Peter are looking forward to bringing some fresh flavours to a local donut scene that already runs the gamut from sturdy standards to gourmet indulgences.

“Donuts were a childhood treat that Jia’s mom used to get her occasionally and she’s been wanting to infuse Asian flavours with donuts for a long time. Flavours like mango, ube, matcha, and more!” reads a release.

“The Momoco Donuts team will be making milk bun donuts for now and they will be making more varieties of donuts soon!”

The shop is set to officially open to the public on Wednesday, May 11th, and for the full week will be donating 20 per cent of their opening sales to local charities including Food4Kids, Hamilton Food Share, Good Shepherd Hamilton, and some local community fridge initiatives.

Anticipation for this sweet new spot has been high for a while now, and it’s exciting to see Momoco Donuts reaching the finish line to opening!

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Lead image courtesy of @momocodonuts

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