Hamilton artist debuts a trio of experimental Instagram plays

When you picture going to seeing a play, a universal image likely comes to mind: booking tickets and booking off your evening, rushing down to a theatre in Hamilton a little too last minute, paying a little too much for parking, then sitting in a darkened room with an audience to take in a transporting live experience.

But what if a play doesn’t have to be anything like that? Local writer and artist Camille Intson is trying to bend the rules with a trilogy of digital plays that will be premiering exclusively on Instagram.

On Friday November 1st, three show-specific Instagram accounts will each be debuting three original digital plays, viewable anywhere in the world, that will offer participants a totally unique theatre experience from the comfort of their phone screens.

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This little project (or, shall we say, set of projects?) has been rolling around in our archives for awhile, but we are quite happy to announce that next FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1st, we are launching a small batch of works that we here at Pantheon Projects are calling "The Instagram Plays", written and curated by Artistic Director @camilleintson. "Farewell, Estonia" (@farewellestonia), "Hello Internet Audience" (@hellointernetaudience), and "Patchface" (@patchfaceplay) are going live in one week's time. These works are now available for "pre-follows" – get on your device and follow the accounts so as not to miss them when they go up! Over the next few days, we'll be releasing little "sneak peeks" of each piece, spreading the hype, all that fun stuff. We look forward to welcoming you to this experiment. Save the date! Nov. 1 Nov. 1 Nov. 1! πŸ’•πŸŒŽβ€ #instagram #digitalmedia #instagramtheatre #instagramart #artistsofinstagram #doitforthegram #art #theatre #artist #performanceart #digital #artforinstagram x

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Intson, who recently premiered her Best of Fringe-winning play We All Got Lost at the Westdale Theatre for the Hamilton Fringe Festival, is attempting the project as a fascinatingly form-bending artistic experiment; one that also investigates the role of theatre as an art form in the social media age.

The three digital plays, titled β€˜Farewell, Estonia,’ β€˜Patchface,’ and β€˜Hello Internet Audience,’ are all available for pre-follow on Instagram in advance of the official launch. The experiment is totally free, so if your interest is piqued, give those accounts a follow and immerse yourself in a different kind of theatre experience.

The Instagram Plays, created by Camille Intson and Pantheon Projects, premiere worldwide on Friday November 1st.

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