Netflix series The Umbrella Academy goes behind-the-scenes on filming in Hamilton

With Hamilton becoming an increasingly hotter locale for on-location film & television shoots, it’s no surprise that some pretty high profile projects have been filmed on our streets and in our buildings.

One project of particular note is the popular Netflix original series The Umbrella Academy, based on the well-known American comic book series. With large portions of production happening right here in Hamilton, the series is positively dripping with recognizable locations all throughout the city.

To commemorate the release of The Umbrella Academy’s second season on Netflix, the streaming platform has created a behind-the-scenes podcast that dives in on the process of shooting the series here in Hamilton.

The official Netflix Canada Twitter account has also been sharing images and facts about the Hamilton-based filming process, pointing out prominent shooting locations such as key spots on Ottawa Street that were transformed to look like 1960s era Dallas, Texas.

They also offer up some fun facts about the production process, such as the fact that the Umbrella Academy crew would have to paint Hamilton’s fire hydrants twice per filming day: at the beginning of the day to match the green or silver colour of a 1960s Dallas fire hydrant, and at the end of the day to return the hydrants to their original colours.

Want to hear some more awesome facts about The Umbrella Academy’s on-location filming in Hamilton? Check out Behind the Scenes: The Umbrella Academy Podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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