Hamilton man is a contestant on this year’s season of The Bachelorette

29-year-old Hamilton resident and wildlife manager Blake Moynes made a roar as a contestant on the first episode of the new season of The Bachelorette on Tuesday. 

It was revealed that he broke one of the cardinal rules of the show by contacting this season’s bachelorette Clare Crawley before filming began. 

Moynes DM’d Crawley after she posted a story on Instagram during the four-month lockdown earlier this year. The message expressed how she was struggling during that period because her mom was in the hospital. 

“So, over quarantine, it was really hard for me. And I didn’t want to bring this up, but there are these weird rules that we have to follow for the show of not contacting somebody, and you were the only guy who reached out to me the entire time,” said Crawley on Tuesday night’s episode. 

“So, you broke the rule that you’re not supposed to contact somebody.”

The incident was even brought up to Chris Harrison before the premiere on October 13th. He said a contestant contacting Crawley would play itself out on the show. 

Moynes is a local wildlife manager who said in his bio that he studied every type of wildlife management there was at university. 

While his professional life is thriving, he also said that he feels pressure to settle down because all his friends are married. He’s looking for someone who has a goofy side. 

Interestingly, while he’s the only Canadian contestant on this season of the show, he isn’t the only Blake M in the contestant pool; there’s another Blake M from Arizona. 

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesday evenings on ABC.

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