Hamilton band Arkells releasing new holiday single about pub crawls

Hugely popular Hamilton rockers Arkells are dropping a brand new single this week; and like much of their music, the new track promises to be distinctly Hamiltonian.

The new single, titled Pub Crawl, was commissioned by Amazon as a Holiday Original and promises to be a decidedly different type of Christmas song.

“Over the years, Arkellians have been asking us to record a Christmas song,” explains Arkells frontman Max Kerman. “The song is kind of like a celebration of getting together with your friends over the holidays at your favourite bars.”

Though Pub Crawl officially drops this Thursday, Arkells are also rolling out an inventive way to get a sneak peek of the new holiday track while also supporting a few your local independent restaurants and bars during this tumultuous time.

The band has partnered with two dozen of their favourite bars across Canada, including here in Hamilton and other parts of Ontario, some cities in Alberta or British Columbia, and even a handful in the United States in places like Buffalo, New York.

Essentially, Arkells have leaked the new single to these select bars, and locals from the area can visit their locations, place an order for some takeout, and request to hear Pub Crawl while they’re there. Then, the bar will blast the track for you while you wait for your order!

In Hamilton, the two participating bars are Barton Street craft beer spot Mosaic, as well as the Arkells’ own establishment, Odds Bar, on James South. Go show ‘em some love and feast your ears on that new single!

Pub Crawl, the new single by Arkells, drops officially on Thursday, November 12th through Amazon Holiday Originals.

Lead image courtesy of @arkellsmusic

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