Hamilton-shot Netflix series The Umbrella Academy renewed for third season

One of Hamilton’s biggest claims to fame as a major centre for film & television production is the immensely popular Netflix original series The Umbrella Academy; and it looks like the series will be returning to the Hammer to shoot a just-confirmed third season.

The American superhero series based on the comic book series of the same name has rapidly become one of Netflix’s most popular original series titles, and is notable for featuring locations in Hamilton quite prominently and frequently.

Locals watching the series are sure to recognize clear landmarks in spots like Ottawa Street and Gore Park, all decked out to resemble 1960s era Dallas, Texas.

The third season is sure to feature plenty more Hamilton locations onscreen once it jumps into production. The series is planning for another 10 hour-long episodes, and production is expected to begin in February of 2021.

Check out The Umbrella Academy on Netflix to get caught up on the first two seasons!

Lead image courtesy of Netflix

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