VIDEO: This documentary TV series just released a full episode about Hamilton

An hour-long documentary TV series that travels the world to profile exciting cities has just released an episode that focuses exclusively on Hamilton.

The Television Ontario (TVO) series is called The Life-Sized City and it follows host and urban design expert Mikael Colville-Andersen as he travels the world and dives deep on some of the world’s most prominent cities and what makes them great.

The series has taken viewers to different Canadian locales such as Montreal or Windsor, as well as noteworthy international destinations including Taipei, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Mexico City, and Milan.

The Hamilton episode of the series, which aired officially on October 18th as part of the show’s third season, is thankfully now available to view in full on YouTube as a deep dive into Hamilton’s urban infrastructure, cultural identity, and community, offering both a look at Hamilton’s past and an investigation of its future.

“We all know where Steeltown came from,” says host Colville-Andersen at the start of the hour-long episode. “But man, I want to figure out where Steeltown is headed.”

Watch the full episode of The Life Sized City on TVO’s YouTube channel.

Lead image courtesy of The Life-Sized City (TVO)

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