Hip-hop song about Hamilton surfaces online

A trivia question was put out by Twitter user @DaRealJoeyJoJo that asked if anyone knew of a Brooklyn, New York hip-hop artist who wrote a song about Hamilton after visiting the city. 

After leaving many regulars to the hashtag #HamOnt in suspense, @DaRealJoeyJoJo finally gave the answer that hip-hop artist Maffew Ragazino released a song called Hamilton, Ontario back in 2017. 

Links to the original version and remix of the song on Maffew Ragazino’s Soundcloud page were shared on Twitter.

The song is part of a freestyle EP by Ragazino titled “Cinco De Maffew.” The lyrics describe a trip he once took to Hamilton. 

“You ever been somewhere and it just changed your whole perspective? And change your whole outlook? And change your whole life basically?” says Ragazino at the beginning of the song. 

He continues to say that Hamilton gives off good vibes and that it’s a beautiful city with beautiful people and great food. 

Click here to listen to the original version.

Lead image courtesy of @hamontsalsa

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