Hamilton launches outdoor ‘story walks’ so families can read as they stroll

With a severe lack of permissible activities amid COVID-19 restrictions and lockdown, the City of Hamilton is getting creative in finding ways of creating a variety of safe, fun things to do outdoors that go beyond a simple hike or walk in the park.

One particularly novel activity created by the city is the new series of Story Walks: a family-friendly way of exploring literature while also exploring some of Hamilton’s outdoor spaces.

Presented in partnership with the Hamilton Public Library, these Story Walks are presented along a number of trails and within the parks surrounding recreation centres such as the Dundas Driving Park, Stoney Creek Recreation Centre, Ancaster Rotary Centre, and Bernie Morelli Recreation Centre.

Children’s books are mounted page by page throughout the parks and trails, allowing families to take in a stroll together while they also take in a stimulating, entertaining piece of literature on the journey.

Books on offer at the various parks and recreation centres include titles like On My Swim by Kari-Lynn Winters, Walk on the Wild Side by Nicholas Oldland, Water Walker by Joanne Robertson, Picture a Tree by Barbara Reid, and Charlie’s Dirt Day by Andrew Larsen.

This creative, self-directed winter activity is one of many the city is offering amid the chilly months, with other activities including snowshoeing at King’s Forest Park and ice skating on some city-sanctioned skating rinks.

To read more about Story Walks and other winter activities, check out the city website.

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